Smart waste collection



The waste collection routes will be optimized by means of a special application. Due to the sensors located directly in the waste containers, which will be linked on-line with the application, the application can intelligently plan the collection route.


  • Optimal waste collection from large-volume containers. Primarily underground.


  • Reduction in waste collection costs
  • Reduced burden on the environment
  • Improve road accessibility
  • Collection of data for further processing and public space optimization


As part of a six month pilot project, 60-80 sensors will be installed into waste containers (e.g. glass, plastics and other types of recyclable waste). The real technology benefits will be subsequently evaluated and a decision made on whether to expand or modify the project.


60 – 80 collection spots


Operátor ICT, a.s. - Project Manager 
Prague City Hall 
Selected waste collection company

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Operátor ICT, a.s.

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