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Wi-Fi spots for the Prague Zoo, the Botanical Garden and the Petřínský park

A high-quality Wi-Fi connection is planned for the visitors of the zoo and botanical garden in Prague-Troja. Due to the terrain profile, the already built-up area and vegetation, the connection should be guaranteed at the most often visited locations, particularly by the restaurants, main expositions and entrances. Thanks to the installed local network, it will be, for example, possible to inform the visitors about particular activities, such as feeding of animals at particular pavilions.

We are currently also working on connecting Wi-Fi spots for the Petřín park, which is, during the summer months, particularly visited by international tourists. The Wi-Fi connection will be available at an extensive part of the park.



We plan to launch the project in the middle of 2018.


Other selected locations for Wi-Fi hotspots

Some of the other considered locations currently include the Prague waterfront (Rašínovo nábřeží), Stromovka park and Letná. Due to the specifics of these locations, the actual implementation is more difficult. Its difficulty is due to the necessity to secure compliance with the corresponding legislative standards, construction modifications and regulations that are specific for these areas. A preparation of a feasibility study is underway. Its outputs will be sensibly assessed by the MHMP based on the expected benefits for the inhabitants, managers and tenants and with regard to the possible project cost.



Should the implementation be approved, we expect that the Wi-Fi connection of these other locations could be available from the middle of 2018.



Operator ICT, a.s. – project manager

Prague Zoo

Prague Botanical Garden

Trade Centre Praha

Prague City Hall

Managers of the affected parks


Project status

Preparing for realization

Operátor ICT, a. s.

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