Smart Náplavka

Safety and health


The objective of the project is to create a platform for a faster, more comfortable and more detailed management and to increase user comfort of one of the most popular public areas of the Prague “Náplavka” in the Smart City standard. 

This unique area in Prague is used not only as a tourist location, but also as a location for various cultural events, projects, discussions, performances and markets, relaxation zone or an area for easier pedestrian and bicycle traffic, with the benefits of a residential zone. All of that with beautiful views.

New technologies should gradually bring a greater comfort to the visitors and users of this area, as well as an easier management to the given administrator. They should also increase safety of the entire area. Since renovation of the Rašínovo Waterfront, including a modernization of the public lighting system, is coming up within the next few months, it has been proposed to commence the installation of these new technologies during this renovation project.

The comfort and awareness of the users stands from the introduction of several technological elements. These allow them to interact with the activities on the embankment, and increase the tourist attractiveness of the place.

The support of the area management and maintenance is supposed to include the introduction of a traffic monitoring system and automatic as well as remote control of the given infrastructure elements, monitoring of the energy consumption and supply needs.

Continuous monitoring is based on the creation of a sensory network that will monitor and assess individual events from the environmental, social, operational and security perspective. 

The overlap into waste management should be ensured by the selection of appropriate innovative technology to reduce waste arising in the area of the waterfront (eg. automatic collection of advanced packages - beverage cups, waste composting, etc.)


The service is primarily designed for:

  • tourists, residents and other visitors of Náplavka
  • TCP embankment operator
  • Municipal police



Operátor ICT, a.s. – project manager 

Prague City Hall

Trade Centre Praha, a.s.

Municipal police

Project status

Project preparation

Trade Centre Praha, a.s.

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