Revitalization of the Portheimka park

Safety and health


The project includes modification and modernization of the existing area and its additional furnishing with outdoor furniture, thus making sure it will be able to provide services that improve the comfort of its visitors and that, at the same time, provide several new modern functionalities, which fall under the Smart City concept.



·       Wi-Fi connection

·       LED lighting

·       Monitoring of the temperature, air quality and volume of dust particles

·       SOS buttons connected to the IRS units

·       Furnishing garbage bins with sensors

·       Charging points for electromobiles and electric bicycles



·       Improved comfort for the park visitors

·       Clean and easily accessible energy source for mobile devices

·       Improved safety

·       Improving the environment

·       Data collection for further processing and optimization of the public space



Project status

Preparation of the project

District Prague 5

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