Reducing Electricity Demands in the Strahov and Zlíchov Tunnels

Smart Buildings and Energy


The project focuses on energy savings in the Strahov and Zlíchov tunnels. The savings will be achieved by replacing the existing lighting system with light fixtures of a greater efficiency and better lighting control algorithms. A part of the delivery of the lighting system will include disassembly of the original and delivery of new, load-bearing and installation structures for the cables.



Reducing energy consumption in the buildings and technical facilities that are used for securing the operation of the municipal public transport and road transport.



The operation cost of tunnel structure lighting systems, particularly of their entry ramps, forms one of the largest financial items related to the operation of road tunnels. This lighting is necessary for ensuring traffic safety and fluency. That is why we cannot achieve savings when it comes to this direct cost by reducing the given light intensity. Instead, we need to use lights and light fixtures with a greater efficiency of the electric to light energy transfer process. When it comes to the entry lighting systems, additional savings can be achieved by better light intensity management. 



till May 31, 2020



Technical Management of the Roads in the Capital of Prague, Plc. 

Prague City Hall


Project status

Approved for implementation

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