Modernization of the Prague Congress Center utilizing the EPC method

Smart Buildings and Energy


The Objective of the project is to reduce the gas, electricity and water cost in the Prague Congress Center and in the adjoining buildings of the Hotel Inn Business Centrum Vyšehrad. As a part of the project, the supplier guarantees savings that will cover the corresponding investment during the contract duration period in the form of EPC.


Some of the measures that have been adopted as a part of the project include:

  • Renovation of the central hot water boiler room, including installation of new condensation boilers
  • Installation of a co-generation unit with a power output of 500 kW
  • Renovation of the cooling system, including installation of an additional, modern and highly efficient cooling machine with a cooling capacity of approximately 932 kW, which will allow for a much more efficient operation of the cooling source during the coolness low consumption periods
  • Complex renovation of the system for reverse acquisition of heat, which allows for free cooling during the winter months and during the transition periods
  • Replacement of selected circulation pumps within the heating and cooling systems and their replacement by new, energy-saving pumps with frequency regulation, and furnishing selected pumps with frequency speed regulators. Saving measures applied to the building internal lighting system
  • Heat (coolness) supplies regulation for selected sections of individual induction units 
  • Modification of selected VTK units and air distribution lines, which includes installation of the closing air-conditioning and ventilation valves for selected areas with discontinuous operation, equipping selected low-pressure air-conditioning and ventilation units with frequency regulation of the ventilators and sensors for measuring CO2concentrations
  • Replacement of selected light fixtures with a high degree of utilization with new, energy-saving fixtures with a significantly lower installed input power
  • Complex renovation of the existing superior control system, including new visualizations of individual technological processes


  • Guaranteed energy and cost savings thanks to the EPC method
  • Energy consumption optimization
  • Greater building operation efficiency
  • Greater user comfort (thermal comfort, fresh air, pleasant lighting)
  • Increased energy safety and independence


2015 – 2016


Prague Congress Center, a.s.


Enesa, a. s 

Prague Congress Center, a.s.


Modernization completed - 10-year guaranteed period

Project status


Enesa, a.s.

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