LCD monitors in the trams

Future mobility


The project will include installation of monitors on 7 trams; they will be displaying detailed DPP information, such as information about traffic closures, events, etc. Moreover, the LCD monitors should be also equipped with Bluetooth, which will ensure their pairing with smart phones and automatic voice navigation of blind or purblind people. The device is currently installed in one tram of the 15T type (reg. no. 9207, dispatched by the Pankrác depot as lines 3, 7, 11, 14, 16 and 17). The trial operation has been assessed as positive, particularly by the Association of Blind and Purblind Persons. This trial operation with the function for the blind should be taking place on these seven trams upon agreement with the Association of Blind and Purblind Persons. In 2017, this information system should be installed on 1 tram as a part of its complete overhaul. In 2018, 3 more trams should be furnished with it. The remaining trams of the same type ( KT8D5.RN2P) should be equipped with it in 2019.


  • Improved comfort of the passengers
  • Better information for the passengers and for the blind and purblind persons


Prague Public Transit Company, a.s.


Negotiations with the device supplier about the possibility to expand this system to other trams will take place soon.

Project status

We are preparing a project

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