Internet connection at metro stops

Safety and health


The pilot project of underground Wi-Fi connection was finished at the end of 2018. Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) tested the project in six metro stations since autumn 2017. During the field tests a seventh station, Muzeum, was added. DPP concluded in the project evaluation that Wi-Fi connection will not be extended in current form. Cooperation with a commercial partner will be established before the end of 2019. The project included testing of push messages in order to better inform the passengers in the case of extraordinary events. 

The priority is to cover the whole underground system with LTE signal, which should be achieved in 2022. This is however a project of mobile phone operators where Prague Public Transit Company (DPP) provides maximum cooperation with regard to the metro operation. Currently there is LTE signal coverage at the new metro section of the A line between Dejvická and Motol stations and at the C line between Muzeum and Roztyly.


  • Modernization of the city space
  • Improved quality of passenger services
  • Providing better information to passengers



  • Hlavní Nádraží (C line)
  • Pražského Povstání (C line)
  • Florenc (C line)
  • Florenc (B line)
  • Muzeum
  • Náměstí Republiky (B line)
  • Smíchovské Nádraží (B line)



Prague Public Transit Company DPP, a.s.


Project status

Project completed

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