Intelligent Stop Information Marker

Future mobility


Intelligent stop information market, shortly ISIM is built upon an electronic paper e-ink. ISIM is further equiped with necessary components for communication with intrastructure and as every PTC vehicle allows for voice notification for easier orientation of visually impaired people in CTS. In the control system a controller has the possibility to submit information about actual changes in the traffic which are displayed in the upper part of a stop post. Placing of these infopanels is fully aligned with the PTC longterm strategy (2019 – 2024) as well as TCCP Strategic Plan (2014 – 2020) which within strategic targets identifies better awareness of passangers (for instance actula information about traffic and its changes), making information and check-in systems more attractive and intelinking of timetables as main priorities.

In nine selected metro stations ((Dejvická, Anděl, Karlovo náměstí, Náměstí Republiky, Florenc B, Vysočanská, I. P. Pavlova, Florenc C and Letňany) preparatory works for cable distribution systém are underway.


  • City mobiliar new functions
  • Effective and remote administration, control and parameters set up



Prague Public Transit Company, Plc.


Project status

Implementation started

DPP, a.s.

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