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Data depicting city life is the basic cornerstone of the Smart City concept. Data generation, collection, evaluation, administration and visualisation play a key role in the effective management of a modern city. The data platform will reflect the historical and current status of the city and will gradually integrate future data sources via its interfaces (including the emerging sensor network of smart equipment like benches, waste containers and street lights).

The platform will enable the connection of city apps and data, and will be able to work with large volumes of data. It will also support work with data that until now has been largely neglected due to various technical or legal limitations.

One of the goals of the data platform is to have an open infrastructure which will provide predefined public data and will enable these data to be freely combined so that the city gains economically, strategically and conceptually.


  • Data collection, evaluation, administration and visualisation


  • Effective management of key areas of the city's infrastructure
  • Improved living conditions for inhabitants and visitors
  • Cost savings across various city operations
  • Data processing for public space optimisation


The data platform will be ready to run and integrate the first data packages at the end of this year. Further data sources with regards to the city's operations will be connected at a later date.


1st quarter - launch of the data platform 2nd quarter - launch of the public web portal of the data platform


Operátor ICT, a.s. - Project Manager
Prague City Hall 
Prague Institute for Planning and Development 

 Polad Prahu

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Operátor ICT, a.s.

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