Free parking spots guiding system

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Implementation of the project will include installation of detectors at all determined areas based on wireless communication, reliably checking if the given monitored parking spot is occupied by a vehicle or not. The project also includes an additional system that will ensure connections at higher management levels and that will cover all information about the given monitored parking spots.


  • Monitoring parking spot occupancy
  • Providing current information prior and during a trip, utilizing individual information systems
  • Parking data distribution to the corresponding providers of web, mobile and automotive applications and to the traffic information centers via the DATEX II protocol


  • Furnishing individual parking spots along the street network of selected parts of the capital of Prague with specific traffic detectors, including wireless connections at the current locations where power points are available
  • Additional equipping of the road network with parking spot guiding systems and displaying free parking spots at the given selected area and in its proximity

  • Adding and upgrading traffic signs for guiding to the P+R parking lots and information about their accessibility


January 2018 to January 2020


Estimating occupancy rate detection for a total of 3,313 parking spots throughout 13 different locations


Prague 1, Prague 2, Prague 3, Prague 5, Prague 6, Prague 7, Prague 8 


Technical Management of the Roads in the Capital of Prague, a.s. 

Prague City Hall

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