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Smart Buildings and Energy


Conducted energy audits recommended to implement energy consumption saving measures and divided individual buildings into groups based on the expected repayment period. Corresponding measures are currently being prepared in detail. Their repayment period will be 3 years and some of them are already being prepared for implementation. A detailed elaboration of the measures with a repayment period of 10 years is currently being prepared. At the same time, we are also preparing a project for online energy measurements. This instrument for energy consumption predictions will be addressed by more accurate, automated monitoring of the planned consumption. Thank to using a new, modern technology, it will be open with an option to variably add and remove individual measuring points. However, the number of potential users will be limited at the same time. When finally implemented, it may not be used only for monitoring of the energy consumption, but it will be possible to use it more universally.


  • Heat pump installation for water heating at the Motol and Pankrác depot halls
  • Installation of heat pumps for water heating at the actual consumption locations in the Řepy garage
  • Change of the hot water preparation process implemented in the Kačerov garage building
  • Measures in the Orionka building (reduction of the tempering temperature by 5 oC, reduced flow rate outside of the heating season)
  • Installation of water meters for measuring evaporation of the cooling towers with the objective to reduce sewer rates
  • Improving energy consumption predictions and thus also complying with the contractual values of the consumption diagrams
  • Better idea about the relation between individual energy systems and related synergy effects
  • Fast detection of leaks and accidents
  • Limiting energy waste (overheating, excessive lighting)
  • Possibility to manage energy consumption from the perspective of 15-minute maximal power outputs or maximal monthly outputs of the agreed capacity. Nevertheless, consumption management is very limited in the case of the Prague Public Transit Company.
  • Easier determinations of saving measures from the perspective of the consumption of all energy types


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