Electric Cars Sharing

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Prague is launching an electromobile sharing program. People can borrow 15 electric Volkswagen Golf cars. The Prague City Hall has been cooperating on this project not only with the company that operates the so-called carsharing but also with Pražská Energetika. People have been able to borrow small electromobiles and park them for free in the city centre for some time now. The news is that you can now also borrow a bigger Volkswagen e-Golf and the fact that the carsharing company has obtained better-operating conditions from the Prague authorities in order to be able to further expand carsharing in the capital.



  • Possibility to borrow a car for a short-term lease
  • Cars can be ordered via an application
  • Users select cars based on their size, availability and current vehicle location



  • Carsharing is a service that is suitable for those for whom it is not economical to purchase their cars because they do not use them often or because they just need a second car in the family from time to time
  • Electric cars can be parked in the centre of Prague in blue and purple zones completely free
  • Electric cars can be rented at any time



Prague City Hall

Car4way, a.s.

Pražská Energetika, a.s.

Porsche Czech Republic, s.r.o.


Project status

Routine operation

Pražská energetika, a.s.

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