Contactless fare payments

Future mobility


Installation and operation of validators on trams, thus allowing the passengers to select their appropriate fare in peace and to pay for it by standard contactless bank cards. The validators have been installed in 22 trams of the 15T type and 2 trams of the T3R.P type. The home depots of these trams are in Pankrác and in Vokovice. So far, all trams number 18 have been equipped with validators. The remaining validators for contactless payments are being installed on trams number 22. Both of these lines have been selected intentionally since they pass through the historical centre and belong among the tram lines with the highest volume of passengers. 

The Prague Public Transit Company is currently preparing a public tender for expanding these devices into the entire tram network.



  • A modern form of the fare payments
  • Improved comfort for passengers 



Prague Public Transit Company PTTC, Plc.



PTTC – Petr Hejna



Project status

Routine operation

Dopravní podnik hl. m. Prahy

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