Comfort Meter - Inner Environment Quality

Safety and health


The objective of the project is a trial operation of the equipment for more accurate monitoring of the quality of the inner environment of buildings (classes, offices, public areas). Utilizing several sensors, which operate along with a new type of low-energy network, we monitor the volume of CO2, temperature and humidity in areas in which we spend time on a regular basis. We will thus make sure that we work and relax in healthy conditions. These data then initiate measures adopted with the objective to improve environmental conditions. The project has been prepared and its implementation started by the Prague Startup Centre.



  • Unambiguously defining and recording individual parameters of the inner environment of specified rooms
  • Automatic data recording and their comparison with corresponding standards and with recommended and critical values
  • Easy implementation, portability and non-invasive use




  • By improving the inner environment, we can increase productivity by up to 15%
  • We can prevent negative impacts caused by, for example, increased levels of CO2 (tiredness symptoms to headaches)
  • A simple instrument for power engineers and building managers for addressing the non-standard situation or for unbiased investigations of complains
  • The equipment is used as yet another element for economical building operation as a source of information on detailed operational conduct



The initial implementation of the sensors in selected buildings, such as schools and kindergartens, is currently underway.



2nd - 4th quarter 2017



Operátor ICT, Plc. – project manager 

Prague Startup Center


Project status

Project canceled

Prague Startup Centre

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