City Depot

Future mobility


The Consolidation Centre, or City Depot respectively, is a transshipment point into which hauliers ship their goods which is subsequently sorted out and distributed effectively by electric cars with regard to environment into respective business premises. The city registers interest from aproximately 20 business premises in the Prague conservation area at the moment, it counts on with at least twice as much for a pilot project.

The aim si to have the consolidation centre outside of the very centre through which traffic load will decrease. The project is intended for business premises with non-perishable goods which shipment does not require high costs for transport and keeping. As per the realized research, roughly 1000 business premises at the Prague conservation area is suitable.

For the shipment low-energy and ecological electric cars will serve which will be secured by a company operating the consolidation centre.

The consolidation centre can as well yield many services as for instance goods delivery or collection at exact time, parcles storing and keeping, price tags fixing, big shipments unpacking and consolidating them in smaller ones, waste or of no use material collection securing and more.



  • Congested centre alleviation
  • Air improvement


Prague City Hall


Project status

Feasibility study

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