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We will install a “learning” machine to the websites of Lítačka and City District Prague 12 that will answer the questions of web visitors as if they were communicating directly with a call centre operator or chatbox.

The inhabitants of Prague will not therefore have to look up information on the websites. They will just ask a question and the automatic responder will come up with a suggestion of how to proceed.


  • Fast and reliable information without any manpower
  • User-friendly solution


  • Improvement in information quality
  • Increased request handling speed
  • Collection of data for further processing and optimization of electronic communication with customers


After a six-month operational trial on the Lítačka and City District Prague 12 websites, the efficiency of the project will be evaluated. A decision will subsequently be made on whether to expand the project to include other city websites.


Q3 – Q4 2017


Operátor ICT, a.s. - Project Manager 
City District Prague 12


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Operátor ICT, a.s.

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